The visual and audio advertising tool
Update the contents via USB or internet
Meet various media types
Scrolling text marquee
Videos and images auto fit
Banner ad
Vertical or horizontal installation
Time and weather reminder to attract
the eyeballs
24 hours advertising without after service fee
Not only the videos, DDS can
play the images on the screens as well.
It can also fit the screens automatically.
You don’t need to adjust the size on
your own!
There are 12 patterns to meet
various demands. You choose the pattern
that can display your information well.
In contrast with the traditional
board, DDS is a multimedia advertising
tool. When the parents wait for their
children, DDS can display all the latest
news, exams, classes, activities and
important information. It doesn’t take
much time, and prevents the paper wasting.
Scrolling text marquee is the
main feature of DDS. If you would like to
update or release the news, what you need
is to insert the texts. That is quick and
Depend on your demand, there
are two types available. One is the vertical
and the other one is horizontal type. You
can choose the one which can suit you
Vertical or
Horizontal Type
12 Patterns
Videos and
Images Auto-fit
+886 4 2297 0977
Advertising Box
Replace the
Traditional Board
Scrolling Text