Include FL function
Management of teachers and students
Online reservation
SMS function
Convert to MP4 format automatically
Attendance management
Automatic operating
Attendance managing is a very
important function of MTS. As long as
scanning the barcodes or cards, MTS
will generate the attendance record
When the students didn’t attend
the classes and would like to view the lectures,
MTS can manage it! What the students need
to do is make the reservation via MTS.
To manage the lectures’ viewing,
we design the point system in MTS. You can
define the points for lectures. Once viewing
the lectures, the point will be reduced from
the students’ account. MTS helps you to
manage it!
After students make the
reservation, MTS will push lectures to
the assigned STB at the appointed time
automatically. Everything is automated!
MTS applies the barcode
and sensor systems to achieve the
automated management. Everything
can be carried on through the barcodes
and sensor ID cards.
Barcode &
Sensor ID Card
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Master Tutoring System
Point SystemAutomatic
Lectures Pushing