Pan Tilt Driver
Wall-mount design for Pan Tilt Driver. The
caring design makes it possible to connect
to the control socket and power source of
iCam camera. Wiring and power supply are
unnecessary. You can upgrade iCam as an
all-round multifunctional camera.
Caring design,
common power supply,
and easy installation
Remote control,
smooth pan tilt and zoom
The director and monitor could control
the Pan Tilt Driver through the Internet. It
enable a 255° pan in the speed of 6°/sec,
12°/sec, or 20°/sec and a 60° tilt in the
speed of 9°/sec.
A new generation of
ABS material, refined outlook
The whole body of the Pan Tilt Driver is
made of the latest ABS material. It is
water-proof, dust-proof, and heat-resistant.
Also, it has the high quality engineering
plastic case. The beautiful exterior design is
suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
Delicate stepper motor
and codec
The internal components of the
Pan Tilt Driver are delicate stepper
motor and codec from Germany.
They can make sure the Pan Tilt
Driver is going steadily and
positioning accurately.
Exquisite work, water-proof,
rust-proof and antiseptic
The screws and support stands are
made of special metal, so the whole
body is water-proof, rust-proof and
Designed for iCam
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